Phill O'Neill


Sea Rations


As musicians we all know that art is all around us. It starts with the song in our head when we wake in the morning, the pictures hanging on our walls in our homes, even our morning cup of coffee. For some this morning ritual is vital for our creativity. I for one am a creature of habit. My morning shower, coffee and warm-up are biblical for my mind.


As I mentioned in my previous post I am about to embark on an extended amount of time on the open seas. No stopping off at my favourite coffee shop on the way to work or visiting my regular hangouts for fantastic food.  Whilst the food on board this week has been fantastic, I just cant find anything inspiring about 3 months worth of Blend 43. So with my last few days in Sydney I have been stocking up with coffee from some of my favourite roasters. Hopefully this will be enough to last till dry land.

We set sail soon so stay tuned for updates along the way.

Happy Practicing